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Commercial Grassing
Jake Martin and Son has grassed lots of roads and bridge jobs in Georgia, as well as industrial and commercial sites. We have the capability to grass 20-30 acres in a day. Our people, experience, and knowledge is unmatched in the field.
Residential Grassing
Although Jake Martin and Son specializes in large track commercial and highway projects, we do have the equipment, education and personnel to help you with your resident property.

Erosion Control
Jake Martin and Son is well versed in all aspects of erosion control. Whether it is hydro-seeding, matting, mulching, silt fence, or other erosion control measures, we can provide the service you need.

Grassing/ Erosion Control

Since 1951, Jake Martin and Son has been a family owned and operated company that specializes in erosion control, commercial grassing, as well as residential grassing.  Jake Martin and Son’s services include hydro-seeding, permanent and temporary grassing, mulching, silt fence, sod installation, and matting installation.  We take pride in our commitment to always follow through and complete a job to the best of our ability.  Our staff and experience is unmatched and sets us apart.  We are confident in our ability to provide the services you need, no matter how big or small the project.

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